North Lido Beach – This natural beach and its dune system is an excellent place to observe local and migratory birds. This is also a prime nesting site for sea turtles and is one of the finest examples of a coastal dune system. Be sure to venture north to Pansy Bayou on the bayside of North Lido as it’s a great location for manatee viewing.

From late April to August Least Terns and Black Skimmers nest in the low growing vegetation inshore. The terns will nest first. NO ONE is permitted to enter the roped area and be very aware of how your presence affects these birds. Sitting is best for observation near the colony.

You are too close if… one or more birds leaves a nest and does not return within (a few) minutes. Understand, it takes very little time for the sun to roast an egg! Photos should be taken very early in the morn or late evening when the sun is not so scorching. There are many photo opportunities for flight shots throughout the day, away from the colony.

Birds don’t always nest inside the ropes and like toddlers… chicks run just about everywhere. Well camouflaged, it’s not easy to see eggs nor the buff colored babies in sand.

WALKING slowly while LOOKING down is the best policy!

And, we thank you for your interest in preserving our wildlife.

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