The Annual Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix Festival takes place each summer in late June/early July and usually includes Independence Day weekend.

With speeds upward of 170 mph, these catamaran and vee-bottom boats are some 50 feet long and are powered by four engines producing 4,800 horsepower.

Spectators, staying on Lido Key, can get as close as 100 feet to the race boats on Lido Beach or anchor their own watercrafts in the middle of the… “infield.”

Another option is Centennial Park, where spectators can enjoy “flag to flag” coverage on a Jumbotron television in the shade of a large tent at Powerboats By the Bay.

Highlights vary, but generally include a kickoff party, a parade of boats and our Bayfront Fireworks Spectacular.

With miles of white sugar sand, backed by some of the world’s best hotels and restaurants, you’re bound to enjoy this world-class… sporting event.

Race Schedule