Kayaks & Canoes
The waters around South Lido Park are very calm with excellent visibility as kayakers glide through tranquil mangrove tunnels. Find manatees and their offspring in the bay with dolphins and cormorants diving near boaters for seafood feasts. Travel the bayside islands and discover a plethora of squawking cackling nesting shorebirds. For kayak tours and rentals go to BAY AND GULF ADVENTURES

Paddleboarding Never done this before?
South Lido Park is a great way to get your feet wet. A hybrid between Kayaking and Surfing, Paddle-boarding has become a hot new favorite. It takes a few minutes to get the balance down, but soon you’ll be able to navigate with ease South Lido’s mangrove tunnels. It’s always nice to have a smooth ride, but eventually you might want to catch a few waves at Lido Beach!

Wind Surfing
One day surfers will be in the bay blasting the chop and the next out in the gulf with a killer wave-sailing session. No matter the wind direction, there’s always someone windsurfing in Sarasota Bay either off Bird Key or City Island. Lessons and rentals can be found at either location.

Kite surfing
One of the new extreme sports, Kite surfing involves a parachute-like kite that is sometimes inflatable. The athlete holds the kite with a tackle and bar hooked to a harness. The kite flies over calm water, and the athlete is pulled along by the rope. The object is to be lifted up by the wind so as to execute difficult maneuvers. The more difficult the maneuver …the better. Surf Info

For the not so nautical adventurer… Our waterways are even more spectacular at sunset. Just leave the driving to us!

Key Sailing

Le Barge Tropical Cruises

Boat Rentals & Jet Skis
Chitwood Charters – Hyatt Regency Downtown
Enticer Watersports – Bayfront Drive
Economy Tackle – Sarasota
CB’s Boat Rental – Siesta Key
Siesta Key Watersports – Siesta Key
Cannons Marina – Longboat Key